New Mobile prepaid Rate/harga prepaid baru 15sept

Malaysian Mobile user will be charged 6% service charge fo all Prepaid topup,

Click Read more to see the new rate for Malaysian Mobile Prepaid User
this charge will be implimented after 15 september 2011
everyone is entitled of their own opinion, and my opinion is 6% from the "user" are not acceptable! claim it to the service provider =|
 read more! see the price increase on the full post

New top-up Rate after 6% charges - ♥ being an On loan student ! 
At least, there are some "NGO's" objecting this raise

thanks to Persatuan Pemilik-pemilik Telefon Bimbit Malaysia (Perbit)
hopefully, you'll be heard
bes kan rate baru ni?
suka sgt! tambah2 student on loan macam aku.. prepaid guna nak call sana, call sini, tetambah nak tanya asgment, kadang2 kena call sana kena call sini.. eh! kadang2? xde lah.. SELALU!
sebulan topap RM40, tu termasuk call for interview untuk asgment n bla2..

2 Responses
  1. ~ch@wi~ Says:

    ni la namanya rakyat didahulukan...

  2. ken Says:

    more money for the government!

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