Misconception about islam #3

(3) Islam is a religion of fanaticism, fatalism and polygamy
The third Western misconception that spread among them was “Islam is a religion of fanaticism, fatalism and polygamy”. Islam is not a religion of fanaticism. In fact, fanaticism does not exist in Islam, and Islam is against those who are. There are not verse and Sunnah in the Quran which emphasis Islam as a religion of fanaticism the tradition of Islam is meant to be simple, easy to apply, realistic, and practical. As mention in surah al-imran verse 200 

“O People who Believe! Endure and surpass your enemies in endurance, and guard the frontiers of the Islamic nation; and keep fearing Allah, hoping that you may succeed.” 

This ayah clearly shows that Islam promotes peace rather than fanaticism. Allah clearly mentioned to Muslim to endure and surpass the enemy in endurance.

Fatalism in Islam doesn’t does not mean that Muslims are forbidden to take action in life. Muslim are taught that everything happened because of the will of Allah, hence a Muslim would say 
“subhanallah” (praise to god!) whenever anything good or bad happens. This is because Muslims knows that everything comes from Almighty God, who is the All-Knowing Sustainer of the Universe, and that since a Muslim should rely completely on God, whatever happened must have been for the better. Islam rejects the belief to totally accept everything. Islam teaches its believers to take action in their life, rather than submitting without action, and after taken the necessary action, they would let Allah decides the outcome of their action. Muslim only leave things to Allah after have taken the action because Muslim believed that Allah would ease the work, as mentioned in surah al-Thalaq verse 2-3

“And if any one puts His trust In Allah, sufficient is (Allah) for Him. For Allah will surely accomplish His purpose: Verily, for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion.”

    The question that needs to be asked if Islam is a religion of polygamy, why it is stated, polygamy is an option in Quran for a man to marry more than one wife as in surah An-Nisa’ verse 3:

“God allows a Muslim to marry, one, two, three or four women as long as he can do justice between them. If the man can't do justice, the exhortation for him is: "... then marry only once".

 So, from this ayah we can see that Islam does give an option for a man if they want to marry more than one wife and if they cannot, to have one wife is the best. What we need to bear in mind that Islam was revealed for all societies and suitable for all times and so it accommodates widely differing social requirements.

    Some conditions might warrant the taking of another wife but the right is granted as being stated earlier according to the Quran, only on condition that the husband can be fair enough to his married wife. Remember, no woman can be forced into this type of marriage against their will and in Islam itself stated that woman has the right to exclude it in their marriage contract.

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