Misconception about islam #4

(4) “Modernity” is the product of the West and the Islamic world cannot be truly modern until Islam is radically reformed
            Another western misconception on Islam is “Modernity is the product of the west and the Islamic world cannot be truly modern until Islam is radically reformed”. The concept modernity are perceived as the mark of the progress from industrialism, capitalism, secularization, the nation-state, and its constituent institutions and forms of surveillance. In this matter, Islam as a religion are needed as a preparation from the soul matter for the Muslims to engage with the concept of modernity that are promoted b y these westerners. It is known that a few matters that are just known scientifically are already mentioned in the Quran. This shows that Islam is already ahead in term of the “modernity”.  

As an example from the quran is from surah al-Mu’minun verse 14
"Proclaim! (or Read!) In the name Of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who created – Created man, out of A (mere) clot Of congealed blood."
            Modernity is not specifically became the product from the west.  The modernity itself has encouraged the emergence of much philosophy that affects human soul in term of religious matter and has exploited human soul. The emergence of newly created philosophy that leads to wrongdoing is one of the effects of modernity. Islam does not need to be radically reform, yet Islam gives time for people to understand and cherish about the religion, only to show that Islam is already up to date and valid until the end of time.

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