Misconception about islam #7

(7) Islam is a religion which is militantly anti-Western, exposes violence, and is very much inclined to wars

 The last misconception is “Islam is a religion which is military anti-Western, exposes violence and is very much inclined to wars”. It is untrue that Islam is millitary anti-western.  As mentioned before, Islam promotes peace. Allah mentioned about equality between human being in surah AL HUJURAT verse 13;

  "O mankind! We created you from a single soul, male and  female, and made you into nations and
 tribes, so that you may come to know one another.  Truly,  the most honored of you in God's
 sight is the greatest of you in piety.  God is All-Knowing, All- Aware.”
This verse clearly mentioned the equality that are promoted in Islam.

Misconception about islam #6

(6) Islam is incompatible with human rights, pluralism and political tolerance
Next, misconception on “Islam is incompatible with human rights, pluralism and political tolerance”. Regardless the above matters it is clearly unfair to judge Islam as such do not promote humanity. As an example, we look at the laws in inheritance as being stated in Quran in surah An-Nisa’ verse 33
“To (benefit) every one, we have appointed shares and heirs to property left by parents and relatives. To those, also, to whom your right hand was pledged, give their due portion. For truly Allah is witness to all things.”

Misconception about islam #5

(5) Islam is oppressive against women and minorities
Next misconception is “Islam is oppressive against women and minorities”. 
This misconception occurs because of the urges of Islam towards Muslim women to wear
 the veil and forced to stay home.
 Islam does not oppress women. One of the hadith of the prophet Muhammad mentioned:
"The most perfect in faith amongst  believers is he who is best in manner and kindest to his

Misconception about islam #4

(4) “Modernity” is the product of the West and the Islamic world cannot be truly modern until Islam is radically reformed
            Another western misconception on Islam is “Modernity is the product of the west and the Islamic world cannot be truly modern until Islam is radically reformed”. The concept modernity are perceived as the mark of the progress from industrialism, capitalism, secularization, the nation-state, and its constituent institutions and forms of surveillance. In this matter, Islam as a religion are needed as a preparation from the soul matter for the Muslims to engage with the concept of modernity that are promoted b y these westerners. It is known that a few matters that are just known scientifically are already mentioned in the Quran. This shows that Islam is already ahead in term of the “modernity”.  

Misconception about islam #3

(3) Islam is a religion of fanaticism, fatalism and polygamy
The third Western misconception that spread among them was “Islam is a religion of fanaticism, fatalism and polygamy”. Islam is not a religion of fanaticism. In fact, fanaticism does not exist in Islam, and Islam is against those who are. There are not verse and Sunnah in the Quran which emphasis Islam as a religion of fanaticism the tradition of Islam is meant to be simple, easy to apply, realistic, and practical. As mention in surah al-imran verse 200 

“O People who Believe! Endure and surpass your enemies in endurance, and guard the frontiers of the Islamic nation; and keep fearing Allah, hoping that you may succeed.” 

This ayah clearly shows that Islam promotes peace rather than fanaticism. Allah clearly mentioned to Muslim to endure and surpass the enemy in endurance.

Misconception about Islam #2

(2) Islam is obscurantist, primitive and uncivilized
            The second western misconceptions concerning Islam are “Islam is obscurantist, primitive and uncivilized”. The western believed that Islam prohibits Muslims to understand something by being obscurant and Islam is being old-fashioned and in the state of non- developing. The westerners believed that Islamic teaching restricts the Muslims to learn things outside the religion hence staying in the state of not following the current era. This misconception may occur due to the believed that from the time Islam was conveyed until nowadays, no development occurs due to Muslim still stuck on only learn things from Quran and Sunnah. Allah mentioned in surah Al-Hijr verse 10
“Verily, We Ourselves have sent down this Exhortation, and most surely We will be its Guardian”

Misconception about islam #1

(1) Muslims are mainly Arabs, and Islam is the exclusive religion of the Middle East.

            The first misconceptions that westerners held concerning Islam is “Muslims are mainly Arabs, and Islam is the exclusive religion of the “Middle East”.  Believing that Islam is only a religion for Middle East is a myth that was spread by the enemies of Islam early in its history. This mistaken assumption is possibly based on the fact that most of the first generation of Muslims was Arabs, the Qur'an is in Arabic and the Prophet Muhammad was an Arab. Shaykh Khalid Yasin said that 1 out of 5 people in this world are a Muslim. This means that people who embrace Islam, which is Muslims, consist of vast range of races nationalities and cultures from around the world. And the largest Islam community lies in Indonesia, which lies on the Asian continent. This shows that Islam is not specifically for the Middle East people, or specifically Arabs.

Misconception on Islam

Welcome fellow 'earthlings' to my humble blog #lulz

I will start to discuss a few matters and hopefully clear up a few misconception regarding Islam.
There will be plenty of part from my post, and a few of those part will be conducted in English (gonna re-post what i have wrote from my assignment

Misconception can be defined as a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding. It is part of peoples view regarding some matters such as belief, religion and so on. Nowadays, we can see there are a lot of misconceptions about Islam and its teaching. So, in order to give the best understanding regarding Islamic religion, let us first look at the root word for Islam, which came from word salam which means peace or safety. Hence misconception towards Islam could be defined as incorrect opinion about Islam based on faulty thinking or understanding. These misconceptions have form faulty thinking among non-Muslim regarding Islam. These misconceptions prevent the non-Muslims from seeing the beauty of Islam.  It is the duty of Muslims to help clear misconceptions that non-Muslims have regarding Islam.
click Read more

Starcraft 2 + Lan?

Main starcraft 2 dekat lan?

Isu Hudud dilaksanakan di Malaysia, dimana "Pendirian" Anda?

Isu Hudud dilaksanakan di Malaysia, dimana "Pendirian" kita?

Baru2 ini negara dihangatkan "KEMBALI" dengan isu Hudud yang dibangkitkan oleh Parti Pembangkang(pakatan rakyat serta beberapa NGO)
Isu hudud di Malaysia sudah beberapa kali "DIHANGATKAN" di media2 "bawah tanah"(media bawah tanah merujuk kepada media2 selain arus perdana, yakni BLOG, dan FORUM"
Isu hudud ini juga telah dijadikan satu "alat" yang dikatakan oleh pihak2 Parti Pembangkang sebagai yaitu alat untuk menakutkan Penduduk malaysia. "Tuduhan" ini(kenyataan bahawa isu hudud digunakan sebagai satu "ALAT" untuk "menakutkan" penduduk malaysia) telah saya dapati sebagai satu Tuduhan yang berasas.

Lihat saja didalam catitan didalam Surat Khabar Media Perdana ini. yang diterbitkan pada 25 September 2011. Satu catitan didalam akhbar melayu ini yang boleh dilihatkan bahawa isu Hudud ini dibangkitkan untuk kepentingan "politik". dan jika anda lihat di"akhbar" bahasa inggeris yang diterbitkan oleh Syarikat yang sama, dinyatakan "KETEGASAN" kerajaan tentang isu Hudud. Perkataan NO TO HUDUD telah ditulis dalam Capital letter(huruf besar) untuk menunjukkan ketegasan tentang pekara ini, yaitu perlaksanaan isu hudud diMalaysia
Mari teruskan perbincangan"Isu Hudud dilaksanakan di Malaysia, dimana "Pendirian" kita?" dengan menekan butang Klik seterusnya

Parasit Explicit!

Parasit Explicit!
Ya ini adalah satu post sarkastik ditujukan pada Parasit2 Explicit yang wujud dimana2 sahaja!


Apa itu Parasit?

mengikut Kamus Dewan Bahasa, telah ditulis dengan tepat dan padat! telah menafsirkan PARASIT sebagai

1 tumbuh-tumbuhan atau binatang (spt cacing kerawit, pokok api-api dll) yg hidup pd tumbuh-tumbuhan atau pd binatang lain serta mendapat makanan drnya.
2 orang yg menumpang pd orang lain dgn tidak membayar apa-apa.

Jadi apa kena mengena dengan post ini?

post ini adalah satu post berkaitan dengan parasit2 yang wujud didalam dunia "siswa" dan juga di alam "kerja"

sila klik seterusnya untuk membaca tentang Parasit Explicit ini

Indahnya Mekah dibangunkan, pernah tak kita terfikir?

Assalamualaikum Sebelum meneruskan pembacaan,

Saya ingin menegaskan bahawa artikel ini bukanlah ditulis dengan niat untuk Menjatuhkan, Menghentam atau mengkritik Pembagunan di Mekah.
Pembagunan itu bagus, tapi pernahkah anda terfikir....

Artikel ini ditulis sekadar bingkisan untuk membuka "minda" pembaca tentang salah satu perkara yang "Pelik" yang telah berlaku samada kita "SEDAR" atau "TIDAK" tentang "pembagunan" di tanah suci bagi orang2 ISLAM, ya'itu Mekah, atau lebih "detailnya" lagi di kawasan "Masjidil Haram"

Tahukah anda, diwaktu artikel ini ditulis, Abraj Al Bait Towers yang sedang ataupun telah siap dibina di Mekah merupakan bagunan *TERBESAR didunia?
sumber: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_buildings_in_the_world 
  Klik seterusnya untuk terus membaca

JIN Menganggu Perbualan Telefon Rancangan TV(video)!

Jin, Syaitan dan lain2 adalah merupakan makhluk "ghaib" yang diciptakan oleh Allah.
ya! mereka ada dimana2 saja, bezanya, "mereka" nampak kita, dan kita x nampak "mereka" .
kecualilah kita telah diberikan kurniaan dari Allah, pada orang dikehendakinya kerana seperti yang telah dinyatakan didalam surah Yasin
"kun fayakun"
Ramai persoalkan wujudkah "Jin" dan syaitan ni

klik seterusnya untuk melihat video JIN Menganggu Perbualan Telefon Rancangan TV(video)! rancangan tv ini adalah secara langsung diwaktu itu..

Back To UIA like a boss!

Blogwalking like a bawse!


1st day of class and i'm doing it LIKE A BOSS!
class started at 8.30am
enter class, saw the lecturer
30 minutes of laughing and....
i slept!

lecturer FTW!

New Mobile prepaid Rate/harga prepaid baru 15sept

Malaysian Mobile user will be charged 6% service charge fo all Prepaid topup,

Click Read more to see the new rate for Malaysian Mobile Prepaid User
this charge will be implimented after 15 september 2011
everyone is entitled of their own opinion, and my opinion is 6% from the "user" are not acceptable! claim it to the service provider =|
 read more! see the price increase on the full post

Adoyai~ Pondan

Post ini adalah berdasarkan berita yang disiarkan di harian metro dan beberapa akhbar serta blog, tajuk berita tersebut adalah "Padah berebut pondan"


Berebut PooooNDaN??? adoyai adoyai adoyai
celah mana nak pusing cerita tu, nak "bersangka baik(husnuzon) pon, aku tetap tak boleh singkir "kepelikkan" tentang songsang ni, dah macam XDAK perempuan dah dekat Malaysia ni. nak kata xdak prompan, x appropriate(betui) plak.. mana taknya, aku sampai malu gi klinik ortodontiks ntuk tukar braces sebab aku sorang je laki *(kali ke 5 aku gi, tetap aku sorang je laki, xpernah lagi terserempak laki lain yang buat braces gak)
gambar dari gugel!
dah xdak perempuan sgt ka?
read more! untuk gambar dan lagi "cerita"

KEJAM! Kekejaman pusat jagaan haiwan PETKNODE (UPDATED)

Over the festive period, over 200 cats were abandoned by a pet kenneling service operating under the name Petknode. These cats were found dehydrated, dying of starvation and caged in their own urine/waste. A dedicated group of volunteers and rescuers have managed to rescue all of the cats that were found alive and vets have been treating them for their ailments.

baru2 ni, diwaktu pakat2 beraya dikampung, terkeluar satu berita bahawa lebih 200 kucing telah ditinggalkan oleh pusat penjagaan HAIWAN. kucing2 ini telah diabaikan oleh PUSAT tersebut SELAMA lebih dari seminggu tanpa sebarang penjagaan termasuklah diberi MAKANAN dan MINUMAN.
Rumah tumpangan kucing tersebut bernama PETKNODE


"selamat hari raya...
aidilfitri mulia...
ampun maaf dipinta...
menyuci hening dosa..."
dan akhirnya, dapat gak idea apa nak tulis tentang "RAYA 2011"
merdeka raya? 
nak mula crita tentang perihal apa dulu ek?
baeklah, mulakan cerita dengan cerita tentang rumah terbuka!

biasa la.. raya ni, penuh undangan RUMAH-RUMAH Terbuka, versi RAYA 2011.. dan tiap2 tahun rumah terbuka merupakan salah satu benda yang dah macam "WAJIB" bagi golongan berada..

it's a good thing!
becoz, dapat berkenalan dengan jiran2 yang selama ni x penah bertegur sapa..

almaqlomla, zaman sekarang, kenal jiran cuma time ada MAJLIS KENDURI, KEMATIAN dan PERAYAAN macam ni..

tapi satu je benda yang ku x gemo

tiap2 kali raya, benda ni slalu terjadi, walaupun x semua orang camtu, tapi benda ni perlu aku POINT OUT, kot2 ada la readers yang SETUJU dengan apa yang aku cakap ni.. kalau setuju cakap setuju, kalau x setuju, jgn cakap benda ni x jadi. sebab dalam 10 rumah terbuka, 2~3 dari rumah terbuka (jenis besar besaran tu) akan ada kes ni


Jantung Pisang Terpacak?


time aku bercuti tu, n gerak ke sebuah kampung di JENIANG , KEDAH..
aku terpandang 1 pokok yang pelik,
EH! pokok tu x pelik, tapi ada samting yang x kena dengan pokok tu

POKOK tu aku tgk cam pokok pisang je..
tapi setahu aku, jantung pisang ni ni berat ke tanah, n tergantung la
cam gambo ni
stendet la pisang camni.. tapi pokok pisang yang aku tgk ni
jantung dia point to langit.

Ni ha gambo pokok pisang yang sempat aku SNAP2

Cuti-Cuti Utara: Ladang Anggur di Tasik Beris

sambungan pada post
the next day, we visit the LADANG ANGGUR TASIK BERIS, atau nama ladangnya BERIS LAKE VINEYARD

Here is my review about that place!

Main website: http://www.berislakegrapes.com.my/ 
Masuk TV tu : http://www.berislakegrapes.com.my/TV1_sepcial.html
info syarikat: http://www.berislakegrapes.com.my/beris_lake.html
Kadar Bayaran: 3 hinggit satu kepala (RM 3 ADULT) dan singgit stengah for kanaksz kanaksz (RM1.50 for children)
Map / Peta : http://www.berislakegrapes.com.my/map.html
Harga anggur yang dijual: Anggur Hijau ( green grapes) = RM12 per package
                                           Anggur Unggu/ Merah ( violet / red grapes ) = RM15 per package
other stuff (related to grapes) are also sold here

My review

Pro's ( good / nice thing about this place) and some tips
~ Nais place kek mano laie korang nak cari ladang anggur kek uthara ni, ada duo ( dua ) je, *(kata orang tu la) n cuma kat sini je ada tour
~ cantek oh! bayangkan  jalan2, anggur atas kepala, cam nak nganga mulot n NGAP! je.. hehehe
~ tempat pon cantek, sementara nak tunggu turn, boleh ronda2 area luar tu. manyak cantek oh!
~ tempat menunggu pon cantek, rehat2 gitu

Cons ( bad / lack of things about this place )
~ should have "TOUR GUIDE" , the "information banner" says that there are tour guide for 15 ppl per group, sadly none are there, only tickets collecter and watcher, you can ask "INFORMATION" at the person who act as "watcher" though.. but a tour guide may be nice
~ Hot Hot HOT! (green house maybe?)
~ nothing to do inside, just watch the grapes up in our head, but cannot pick any of it..

anyway. my rate is 6.7/10 for the nice view and everything...

PHOTO! ( gambo ) (click to view)

Cuti-Cuti Utara: Air Panas Ulu Legong

Semalam ku gi jalan2  ambil angin, bak kata orang, cuti-cuti..
destinasi cuti pada kali ni adalah di belah utara malaysia, area2 baling

Here is my review about that place!

here some pict to make yew readers "Enjois" n Cuci "Mata's" dengan keindahan dan keseronokan bercuti disini

sedikit info
Main Website: http://www.mdbalingtourism.gov.my/pusat_rekreasi/MainMenu.php
Kadar Bayaran : http://www.mdbalingtourism.gov.my/pusat_rekreasi/kadarbayaran.php
Sejarah: http://www.mdbalingtourism.gov.my/pusat_rekreasi/sejarah.php
Peta: http://www.mdbalingtourism.gov.my/pusat_rekreasi/peta.php

My review

Pro's ( good / nice thing about this place) and some tips
~ Nais gitu, tempat lawa!
~ kalau nak gi, digalakkan pergi diwaktu malam ( gile ngeko nak mandi tgh2 paneh )
~ ada 4 kolam (waktu aku gi la.. )
 - kolam no 1 = panas GILA, pernah dulu aku tgk orang berenang (sorang dia je la) memang gila, aku masak telur pon jadi half cook kat situ
- Kolam no 2 = 2nd hot, orang selalu celup2 kaki je kat situ
- Kolam no 3 = yang ni kolam x brapa paneh ( tapi still paneh, aku celup kaki je) tapi kolam ni ramai berenang, sebab bagi diorang not to hot, (aku anak manja maybe?)
- Orang mula ramai bermula pukul 10malam until 4 pagi, yes 4 A.M dude.
- tiket so so la...
- ada ais krim bes kat situ, ala, yang masuk majalah tiga dulu

Cons ( bad / lack of things about this place )
~ MAHAL kot, RM4 sekepala, da la tu, keta kena baya paking lagi, da la jauh nak gi, yang x syioknya, tapak khemah pon kena bayar, padahal tak la banyak sgt tapak kemah dia
~ ugh tandas, maybe sebab ramai sgt, sampai x terjaga, awal2 sampai mmg bersih, tunggu la dalam kol 1~2 pagi.. kompom kotor, xde orang bersihkan ke? adoyai!
~ banyak sgt budak2 "MERENDEK (buat maksiat)" meraba situ, meraba sini, meraba sinun, xde orang jaga ka bab2 tu? tegur2 la, not nais la for pelancong cam aku.

tu je kot? neway, tempat ni i give 7/10 for holideis ( holiday ) cuti2 utagha yow!

photo( gambo2 ) ! time enjois disitu (gambo lokasi je)
n gambo2 pembagunan area tu, *nak dibesokan kot? area tu
cantek oh area baru n chelet2 dia

Dulu pengkhianat, sekarang pelakon? apa sudah jadi malaysia?

Assalamualaikum, saya mulakan dengan soalan.... APA SUDAH JADI BAI~? dulu LAMAI ( ramai ) olang cakap lu pengkhianat negala ( negara ).. sikalang ( sekarang ), lu sula ( sudah ) jadi pelakon ma? hahhaha.. ingatkah anda pada mamat chinese yang belajar di taiwan ini?

meh aku bagitau dia sapa, kot2 hangpa ( korang semua ) lupa.. nama beliau adalah namewee.. seorang chinese ( ca ya nun alip ) yang telah banyak membangkitkan kontroversi sambil meningkatkan prestasi.

kes beliau dah buat, seperti
kes hina negaraku, (kes lagu negarakuku ) sehingga banyak laporan polis dibuat
kes kutuk TNB Malaysia 
dan banyak lagi

malah pada hujung 2010 beliau juga dikaitkan sebagai menghina islam


bahkan ramai mengugut beliau dengan pelbagai ugutan

apa sudah jadi bai, dulu lu hina dia sgt, ugut dia sgt, sampai mintak dia diusir keluar negara
yang ugut tu siap ajak fight OH!

skarang ni..
semua sula ( sudah ) lupa dengan apa dia buat.

biasa la, bukan melayu je mudah lupa
dengan bangganya aku cakap
MALAYSIAN mudah lupa
bahkan AHLI2 POLITIK pon mudah lupa

dulu cakap dia pengkhianat dan macam2 lagi

apa sudah jadi?
itu la yang jadi

SIKALANG (sekarang)
dia sula ( sudah ) ada itu FILM ( sebut ikut sebutan david teo )
PLUS2.. itu artis2 terkenal, termasuklah artis yang gua plg respek bro aflin shauki (betui ke ejaan? ) pon bilakon (berlakon) sama lia ( dia )

jom kita enjois trailer filem "PENGKHIANAT" ni

siap iklan FILM dia ditayangkan ditivi (TV!)
tajuk NASI LEMAK 2.0 ... dah macam BERSIH 2.0 la plak... (maybe puns for bersih 2.0?)


so again...

#LOL to those who forget

ENCIK FIKRI: gua x penah kutuk dia, gua respek dia sebab dia berani, bahkan gua respek dia sebab dia dah la berani lepas tu dapat jadi artis lak.. rasa cam nak jadi BERANI la.. untung2 jadi artis lepas ni.. #LOL... MANA DIA ORANG2 YANG DUK PERJUANG NAK USIR DIA DULU?.. SENYAP? lol.. tu gua cakap, lu orang cakap je lebih, nanti lu lupa... namawee pon tau, MALAYSIAN MUDAH LUPA.. tu sebab dia ala belani! komen2

so hawauyu?
nak jadi pengkhianat gak?
bukan senang oh!
boleh jadi artis gitu!
komen dibawah!

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