Misconception about islam #6

(6) Islam is incompatible with human rights, pluralism and political tolerance
Next, misconception on “Islam is incompatible with human rights, pluralism and political tolerance”. Regardless the above matters it is clearly unfair to judge Islam as such do not promote humanity. As an example, we look at the laws in inheritance as being stated in Quran in surah An-Nisa’ verse 33
“To (benefit) every one, we have appointed shares and heirs to property left by parents and relatives. To those, also, to whom your right hand was pledged, give their due portion. For truly Allah is witness to all things.”

 There is no doubt that Islam protects the human rights even in a small portion as in inheritance.
Moreover, in determine someone acts also whether they are guilty or not Allah also has stated in Quran in surah An- Nisa verse 58:
 “Allah does command you to render back your Trusts to those to whom They are due; and when you judge between man and man, that you judge with justice: Verily How excellent is the teaching which He gives you! For Allah is He who hears and sees all things.”
 So, does this verse show Islam is incompatible with human rights? The answer is clearly because of the verse main content, which encourages us to act justly among peoples in every aspect. For the statement which said Islam is incompatible for political tolerance, we need to bear in mind that there is no way to separate between religion and politics. It is because these two things are interrelated with each other since it instill and balance the effectiveness of political tolerance.
As political tolerance mainly concerned with communications, we need to remember that there is one meaning of hadith narrated by Imam At-Tabrani;
“Anyone who wants to make any matters with Muslim must meet together because indeed Allah will grant taufiq or right path to beautify their works.”
This was known as the best way to solve any problems through what we called as syura or meeting. It is because in process making, the fundamental is to make a discussion that mainly concerns on values, objectives and sources when they are going to implement any action precisely.
In addition, to say Islam is incompatible with pluralism is also false. It is because if Islam against pluralism why it is stated in surah Al-Baqarah verse 256;
“Let there be no compulsion in religion: truth stands out Clear from error: Whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah has grasped the Most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks and Allah hears and knows all things.”
What we can understand through this meaning? No compulsion in religion. Followed by the continuation of the verse (verse 257):
 “Allah is the Protector of those who have faith: from the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light. Of those who reject Faith the patrons are the evil ones: from light they will lead them forth into the depths of darkness. They will be companions of the fire, to dwell therein (for ever).”
This also can be supported by one meaning of hadith,
Every baby born in the state of nature, their parents who will determine whether they be Jewish, Christian or Zoroastrianism.”

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